The boiler temp control

The boiler temp control

  • Problem with Boilers/Inserters/Solid Fuel - Factorio Forums

    2016/4/25 · Mostly for boiler, I try to use splitter to split fuel evenly between boiler rows so when there is a lack of fuel every row has fuel (even not a lot). I never has this problem even if I run out of coal multiple time (that's why I was sure they took fuel even with no energy).Get Price

  • 1 Coal belt = invinite Boiler rows : factorio

    Note : In the layout i posted, i deliberately separating the inserters electric grid from the steam engine grid. This to prevent the inserter slowdown, when the power is low (lack of coal, under over capacity, etc) The inserters were powered by independent electric grid (i use solar in this case) You can read more (about solid fuel too), and the math behind it; here: https://forums.factorio Get Price

  • Boilers use up coal at an alarming rate : factorio

    Might have to cut power to the base to fuel the coal miners. Add more coal miners and keep testing till it keeps up. Once you hit around 40 MW+ you'll need over 24 coal miners for power alone. 3. level 2. Veylon. · 4y. Another thing to do is to …Get Price

  • how can i save more coal using boilers? :: Factorio General …

    2019/9/29 · One yellow belt of solid fuel can feed 100 (I think) boilers. That's more than two such pairs of 1/20/40 pump/boiler/steam engine arrays. Back on topic, you *can* indirectly save on coal in two ways. First, use Efficiency Modules. Efficiency is capped at an 80% reduction, so three level 1 modules, or two level 2, are sufficient and cheap.Get Price

  • Transfering coal into boilers? :: Factorio New Players & Game Help

    2016/5/19 · Well, the coal/solid fuel is there anyway to fire up the boilers and the inserters don't use a massive amount for themselves. They work fast enough to keep the boilers filled and when you have a power failure (more power needed then …Get Price

  • How to oil? : factorio - reddit

    Solid fuel is worth it to produce not only for science, but also for heating water with boilers, remelting furnaces and refueling trains. Solid fuel gives a large profit for small expenses. Of course, it depends on how much coal and oil are on the map, but in 99% of cases coal can be completely replaced with solid fuel, using coal only for crafting some things where coal is not …Get Price

  • Peter34's Misc. Blog: UnOff. Factorio FAQ: Common Problems

    2015/10/5 · For instance, Boilers and Furnaces "want" 5 fuel items. Either 5 Wood, 5 Coal or 5 Solid Fuel (with only 1 fuel input slot, you can't mix 'em). So if you've already stuffed 8 or 10 Coal into a Furnace, and then set up an Inserter to feed Coal into it from a Belt, then Get Price

  • Help :: Factorio General Discussions

    2020/4/14 · Hey, I'm very new to factorio and have been enjoying it a lot but I'm stumped on why my power is dramatically stuttering at 70 hours into a game. I grasp the basics of the game such as power management but I do not understand how my power capacity is fluctuating so much all of a sudden. I am running 2 separate locations generating power from boilers to steam turbines …Get Price

  • Factorio: Captain Planet doesn't stand a chance. - The Something Awful Forums

    As it is used up and replaced with new water, yeah, it drops, but not before I can rectify the problem. If you build a loop, like I do in my designs, you can get wings of boilers spread away from your coal or solid fuel feeding belt, which can give you as little as 20 or several hundred steam engines, depending on the space you want to dedicate.Get Price

  • Boiler temperature is dumb. :: Factorio General Discussions

    2016/10/22 · At the end of the day, you can make the suggestion to the Devs in the Factorio forums (there is an entire sub-board to that end). I get what both sides are saying, and it would be a relatively simple change to make "Water Temperature " instead of "100C".Get Price

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